Build A Fashion Brand You Will Love

Let us handle all your clothing development and manufacturing needs so you can create the clothing brand of your dreams.

Build A Fashion Brand You Will Love

Let us handle all your clothing development and manufacturing needs so you can create the clothing brand of your dreams.


We're More Than Just A Clothing

We focusing on offering clients a full creative solution to bringing collections to market.
Beyond basic production, you can find a whole host of areas we add value to our clients brands below.

Brand Strategy

Work with us to perfect the strategy behind the brand and each launch; ensuring there's scope for long-term success.

Product Design

Whether you know exactly what you want, or are looking for that creative guidance, we can help turn your ideas into industry leading product designs.


Offering a versatile manufacturing solution means that whether you're looking for low MOQs, or competitive pricing; we've got you covered.

Extended Support

Benefit from our hands-on-approach throughout the project and shortly after to help ensure your collections success.

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Finding a manufacturer for your clothing line can be challenging

You are an independent designer. You have a creative passion to build a fashion business you’ll love. But the production side of the business is not as easy as they make it seem.
You need to identify suppliers, find quality fabrics, and ensure the final design and make of your clothing meets your high standards.
No one who wants to develop their independent clothing line should have to go through these many headaches.
So, do what the major labels and high-end fashion houses do. Find an independent apparel manufacturer to handle the time-consuming tasks so you can focus on your creative energies and marketing needs.

New to clothing production?

Here is how clothing manufacturing usually works:

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1 Your Idea - design, sketch, tech pack

Finalise the design. Create a product specification or Tech Pack. Here at Globolosys Fashion we will help you with your design and specification preparations for your Idea. Be sure you have this covered before you proceed to have your sample made as these documents will be your blueprint moving forwards.

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2 Decide on the fabrics and trims

Define the materials you will need to use for your project. You can do this yourself or you can consult with Our specialist, who will work on each style’s fabric choices for you. It’s good to experiment but remember that not all experiments work out, so you will need to be patient. Don’t forget about smaller components, such as trims, zips and buttons. This will also need to be defined at this stage.

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3 Pattern making & Prototyping

Pattern making is a process of making template pieces of a garment. Usually, cut out from thick paper or created digitally with software, these templates are later used in cutting out specific parts of clothes from fabrics. Another name for pattern making can be pattern cutting. This process involves cutting out patterns – parts of a design which will then be sewn together to produce your garment.

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4 Get a sample made

Once you have confirmed the materials and finalised your design and tech pack, share it with Us so We can start the work. To check that your garment fits correctly, a fitting sample, which is the first sample, is produced. This process is called sample making. Often a toile is used at this stage to save wasted use of your final fabric.

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3 Pattern making & Prototyping

Once the sample is approved and you’re ready to reproduce your garment in various sizes, the next step is size grading with your pattern. Pattern grading creates various sizes from the master pattern. Using software or by hand, it is possible to grade sizes up or down using specific measurements, depending if the items are standard or have a certain specified style (like oversized items) or function (like competitive sports uniforms). If you are not sure on the best sizing for grading, you can ask to use industry standard sizing data to perform size grading. Note if you are creating items for specific purposes (maternity clothes, competition gear, oversized garments), the standard might not always be your best solution and you should check the samples in a size up and down before preparing your garments for bulk order. Once all sizes are approved and you know the quantities and breakdown of items per colour and per style, so we can run an estimate on the required consumption of materials.

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6 Bulk production & Quality control

The final step is bulk manufacturing of your clothes.Now that you know how this works and what to expect, get started on your first project and submit your first enquiry

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Our CEO Has a Message for You

Meher, our visionary Founder and CEO, welcomes you to a world where fashion isn’t just about the latest trends—it’s about creating with purpose, passion, and a deep respect for our planet. We’re not just an apparel manufacturer; we’re your partner in bringing sustainable, stylish, and uniquely yours clothing lines to life.

Trusted By Some Of The Biggest Brands

We’ve supplied clothing and merchandise to some of the largest organisations over the last 5 years.

White Label Clothing

Build An Established Brand Faster & Have Some Budget Left Over For The Next Collection

Select styles from our extensive catalogue, add your branding and you’re good to go. A great option for merchandise, small businesses or filling pockets of low stock.

Custom Clothing Manufacturing

Stand Out From The Crowd By Creating Unique Items

Create completely bespoke collections to bring something unique to market. Our extensive experience in fabrics, production, finishing & trims helps you elevate your products.

Fashion Design Services

Reduce The Risk Of Miscommunication By Dealing With One Vendor From The Start

We cover everything from start to finish and help businesses with their brand development. This includes creating specifications and tech packs, as well as finding the right fabrics.

Get A Sample !!

Ready to Get Started? Your dream apparel line is just a form away. By filling out our comprehensive form, you’re taking the first step towards making your apparel vision a reality. Our team is eager to work with you, providing personalized attention and expert guidance throughout the manufacturing process.

Don’t miss this opportunity to create something extraordinary. Fill out the form now and let Globolosys Fashionbring your apparel to life!

We're More Than Just A Clothing

We focusing on offering clients a full creative solution to bringing collections to market.
Beyond basic production, you can find a whole host of areas we add value to our clients brands below.

We Bear The Risk,
So You Don't Have To

Reduce stock-hold and diversify your risk utilising our white label service

We Provide
Low MOQs

Reduce stock-hold and diversify your risk utilising our white label service

We Handle Everything,
So You Can Focus On Growing Your Business.

Covering absolutely everything, we deliver a finished collection of products right to your front door, ready to go to market.

How Can We Help You Elevate Your Brand?

nterested in having a no-obligation chat to see if we can help your brand?


Globolosys Fashion Advantage

One-Stop Solution

Forget about dealing with multiple suppliers. Enjoy our full-package services from design, sourcing, production, labels, to delivery.

Faster Turnaround

Our creative process includes your input from start to finish. This allows faster development and sign-off on your finished designs.


Lower your inventory risk with our no minimum order quantity. You can start small and scale as your business grows. No need to overstock.

Making Custom and Premium Apparel Manufacturing Simple and Easy

Ideal apparel manufacturer for all the needs of clothing brands.

If any idea of clothing design need us to help to realized, we can help and recommend suitable fabrics and techniques.

Over 1000 different types of fabrics for selections, can meet 90% requirments of different brands and collections.

Completed supply chain, 100% base on the requirments of fabrics and colors.

Provide different production process, like screen printing, heat-transfer printing, embroidery, digital printing, etc.
Ensure qualification rate over 99%, no matter sizes, printing details and sewing techniques, all base on standard and requirments.

How Globolosys Fashion Helps You Build Your Dream Fashion line

Step 1. Free initial consultation

Hop on a call and get all your questions answered. We’ll outline how the process works and help you calculate the total cost of your project. You can even take a virtual tour of our state-of-art manufacturing facility to see where your fashion line will come to life.

Step 2. Development – from sketches to tech pack

Send us your design sketches and our professional design team will work with you to create samples and detailed tech packs. These specifications are yours to do with as you like, even submitting to other clothing manufacturers, and you’ll always get a uniformed result.

Step 3. Design and manufacturing

Our highly skilled manufacturing team will take your designs and bring them to life. As part of our process, we take care of sourcing high-quality, affordable fabrics and making your clothing. Quality checks are done before, during, and after production.

Finally, we handle labeling, packaging, and shipping to you.

Avoid making these mistakes with your fashion brand

  • Ordering too much inventory when you’re just starting out
  • High manufacturing costs that eat away at your profits
  • Inferior quality clothing that cost you customers
  • Supply chain and order fulfillment problems that frustrate your customers

Let’s bring your fashion vision to life and avoid the downfalls of starting and growing a new clothing brand.

Got a project?

The sooner you start, the faster you get your fashion line to market.
Join these many successful fashion brands that chose Globolosys fashion