Frequently Asked Questions

  1. You send us the sketches or pictures of the clothing you want to make.
  2. We send you the costs for the samples and the estimated costs for bulk order.
  3. You place the sample order.
  4. Our designers confirm with you about the details and create the tech packs for you to check.
  5. We buy the fabrics according to the tech packs.
  6. We make the samples according to the tech packs.
  7. We send you the pictures to confirm
  8. We post the samples to you.

We can make samples from cotton cloth, linen, silk, wool fabric, etc. Usually, we suggest proper fabrics for certain types of designs. If you have any other choice, feel free to let us know.

We charge for samples, usually around USD80.00-200.00 for a sample, and there will be an extra cost for tech pack services. For the details, you can check our SAMPLE PRICES page.

Delivery time depends on the complexity of the clothes design and the availability of raw materials. Typically, samples are delivered in 7-30 days if all raw materials are available.

We use courier services to deliver samples at your cost.

You can also pick up the samples at our factory yourselves.

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  • Ordering too much inventory when you’re just starting out
  • High manufacturing costs that eat away at your profits
  • Inferior quality clothing that cost you customers
  • Supply chain and order fulfillment problems that frustrate your customers
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